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TABLA bellydance offer several different types of performance that can be tailored to your event. From Soloists and Dynamic Duos, all the way through to a whole troupe performance, with live or pre-recorded music. Check out our repertoire to see what we do!

TABLA bellydance can tailor a performance to your event. Let us know about your event and what sort of performance you would like in the booking enquiry form below. If you are a charity or community organisation, we may consider reduced rates or donate a performance to your cause. If you're not sure what you're after, here are a few ideas:


Samina & Inara at the National Museum's Night Market
Silk Road Exhibition
PHOTO: intimateImagery
Live Drumming with Improvised Dance.
This gypsy-styled performance style is great for parties, offering guests the opportunity to clap along, and enjoy the play between drummer and dancer.
Prices start at $220 for a drummer and dancer's 15 minute performance. Book additional dancers for a show that will really impress!
Zohrah & Daluna at the
National Folk Festival
PHOTO: intimateImagery
A bright, colourful, and fun performance with twists on traditional bellydance styles.
This family-friendly performance includes fun choreographies to music your guests will recognise.
Prices start at $120 for a solo dancer's 15 minute performance. Book additional dancers for more sparkle!


Bellydance with Bass.
Prices start at $220 for a dynamic duo's 15 minute performance. Book additional dancers for a mesmerising experience!
Samina & Opaluna
PHOTO: intimateImagery
Swishing skirts, beaming smiles, colour & dance!! This is pop-up performance is great for festivals and parties alike.
Prices start at $220 for two 10 minute performance from a fabulous duo. Book additional dancers for some extra pop!
Zohra, Hadeeqa, Inara & Daluna. National Folk Festival.
PHOTO: intimateImagery


Suitable sound system, and lighting where required.
Please note that a portable system often just doesn't have enough power to be heard in a large, or outdoor, space.
A clean and safe performance space. Rocky or uneven surfaces are not safe to dance on.
We will also need to be provided with approximate dimensions of the dance space.


Send us a message here or email us if you're interested in having TABLA bellydance at your next event.

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