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TABLA alt fusion bellydance
Samina Amar
Samina Amar

Samina began her formal dance training in ballet at the age of three, later adding Jazz, Tap, Violin, Piano, Musicianship, Tennis, Choir and Orchestra - mostly in an effort to keep her occupied and out of mischief. In her teens, Samina was introduced to Middle-Eastern music via the local Arabic radio station, which she proceeded to share, at high volume, from her bedroom with the rest of her family.

In her 20s, Samina discovered the world of bellydance, and hasn't looked back since. Samina has performed with several troupes in Canberra, in styles ranging from traditional folkloric, through world fusion and into modern and alternative fusion.

When she's not performing, Sam is teaching dance at Ghawazee Moon Bellydance, making costumes, learning to play the darabuka, riqq and persian daff, reading, playing board games, crocheting, learning how to be a Drag King, watching baseball and hanging out with her family.



Three things you'd take to a desert island?
My husband - can I take him? A solar powered e-book thing with access to all the books, and the same thing but for music ... wait, can they be one thing? If they're one thing, then also Backgammon.

Driver or Passenger?
Passenger. I don't know how to drive - yet!

Top bunk or Bottom bunk?
Bottom bunk.

Pirates or Ninjas?
Pirates - definitely.

Samina Amar


TABLA . alternative fusion bellydance

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