TABLA . alternative fusion bellydance . CANBERRA, ACT

TABLA alt fusion bellydance
Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose

Scarlet Rose dances with a sensual beauty that is mesmerising and joyous. Since she began investigating bellydance in 1999, her explorations have taken her from Canberra to Paris and back. She has studied and performed in folkloric, classical cabaret, modern gypsy and fusion styles. Scarlet expresses luxurious fluidity and a charming playfulness, delighting audiences with her natural and graceful technique.

When she's not bellydancing, you'll find Scarlet busy being ridiculously good at maths, stamping, colouring in, fishing, rock'n'roll dancing, taking photos of flowers and laughing 'till she cries and ruins her make-up.



Three things you'd take to a desert island?
A solar powered kindle/Ebook reader loaded with all the books,
my watercolour crayons with massive colouring book & waterbrush, a handheld fishing line with built in knife thingy.

Driver or Passenger?

Top bunk or Bottom bunk?
Bottom bunk.

Pirates or Ninjas?
Gah!!! Ummmmm decisions decisions!! Ummmm ninja?

Scarlet Rose


TABLA . alternative fusion bellydance

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